Lending with a Difference.


In a market with low interest rates,  finding a balanced mix  of attractive yield and risk mitigation can be very challenging.  


THN Credit Acceptance obtains loan funds for on-lending to Australian small and medium sized businesses at a premium yield to the risk adjusted return.

Earn annual interest of

4.00% up to 6.00%

(12 Months)

(60 Months)

On a minimum parcel of $50,000

Interest payable quarterly in arrears

More rates on offer for amounts over $50,000

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About Us



THN Credit Acceptance ("THNCA") is proudly Australian owned and is an associate member of THN Pty Limited ("THNPL"), the holder of an Australian Financial Services and Credit Licence (No. 256530) since 1995, with over 60 years combined experience in finance, insurance, business and funds management, as well as in professional and corporate services.


THNCA specialises in procuring term finance on a fixed rate interest basis from third party lenders and acting as the intermediary lender to growth-oriented Australian businesses seeking short and medium term working capital assistance.


Lenders to THNCA are offered attractive rates of interest, on one-year, two-year, three-year and up to five-year terms. These loans are secured by legally enforceable and commercially-accepted assignable rights and other traditional collateral.   Where applicable trade debt insurance protection cover is also obtained.


THNCA on-lends to associated companies specialising in providing cash flow, business-to-business loans and asset financing to approved, credit rated Australian small and medium sized businesses. The THNCA associated companies operate with a commonality in board representation; are supervised to ensure they meet specific prudential and quality assurance standards; and operate using a proprietary integrated Fintech transactional system. This system delivers up-to-the-minute financial analysis, sales trends, audit trail, fraud detection and portfolio management on all active clients serviced by the associate companies. For  the record, since commencing lending operations in 2014, THNCA and its associated companies have not experienced one bad debt, default or write-off.

Associate Companies

THN Pty Limited

(ABN: 69 072 235 422 and AFSL & CL: 256530)

THNPL Provides first-rate financial advisory products across a wide and varied industry spectrum. For more information go to THNPL


THN Capital Solutions Pty Limited

(ABN: 49 605 379 486)

THNCS Offers special, fixed term business loans to approved applicants that can meet additional security requirements and who are often existing tried and tested THNCF invoice financing clients. For more information go to THNCS

THN Capital Funding Pty Limited

(ABN: 73 626 374 730)

THNCF is a business-to-business financier offering Australian SMEs the full suite of finance products, from the financing of single invoices, full service factoring, invoice and contract discounting, through to large undisclosed finance facilities. For more information go to THNCF

ABC Funding Pty Limited

(ABN: 49 643 502 498)

ABCF, trading as Australian Business Credit, provides business loans for commission-based businesses.  ABCF offers loan products which allow the use of future commission entitlements as security on business borrowings, realising the value of commission trails and annuities up-front, instead of receiving monthly payments over time.  For more information go to

Our Mission

THNCA and its Associates aim to assist Australian small and medium sized businesses grow and succeed.

Our Commitment

At THNCA we aim to provide a high level return to our lenders whilst minimising risk and simultaneously delivering on service that meets and exceeds expectations at all times.




How It Works


Lending With a Difference

On Application

Initially – upon making an enquiry - you personally, or your company, or your family trust, or your Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) via the SMSF’s trustee, will be provided with a Lender Information form for completion. The Lender Information requires names and addresses of the lender, directors and/or trustees (as applicable), together with three (3) certified copies of documents providing identification of name, residential status and date of birth. The Lender Information form also seeks details of the loan amount (not less than $50,000) and the term of the loan you are proposing to advance to THNCA and the declaration required to be undersigned by you, or your authorised representatives, seeking your consent with respect to accessing personal information as well as granting authority for THNCA to verify your personal information pursuant to the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act, 2006 (Cth).

On Acceptance

Upon THNCA accepting your Lender Information, you will be issued with two signed copies of the Business Loan Facility Agreement containing all your rights and entitlements as the lender and all the terms, conditions and obligations of THNCA as the Borrower. You will be requested to read and thereafter, if in agreement, execute the two copies of the Business Loan Facility Agreement and return by post the copy marked “Borrower’s Copy”. You will also be requested to pay, by cheque or EFT, the agreed Loan amount to THNCA. We recommend that you consult your professional adviser(s) on your financial decision to lend money to THNCA.

Security Held By You

As a lender to THNCA you have the following binding security and assurances on which you can rely upon:



Your loan to THNCA is ranked ahead of shareholders, equity loans and creditors.



Your loan is at all times secured by a ranked priority charge over THNCA.  This charge is registered in the Personal Property Securities Register (PPSR) which allows security interests in personal property to be registered and searched in accordance with the Australian Personal Property Securities Act, 2009.


Lenders Register:

You are included in the Register of Lenders held and maintained by THNCA. The Register of Lenders allows the perfection of security interest as a first ranking charge over THNCA and its assets in order to maintain security for your loan at all times. This Register is the primary security vehicle under which PPSR registration of THNCA is confirmed.


Agreed Purpose:

THNCA warrants your loan funds are to be applied and on-lent to THNCA-associated companies whose sole purpose is the business of lending to Australian and New Zealand small and medium businesses.


Assignable Security:

All finance facilities provided by the THNCA-associated companies to their Australian and New Zealand clients are assignable.  This ensures that THNCA has undefeatable rights over all loans funded and other collateral security held by the THNCA-associated companies.


Trade Credit Insurance:

The THNCA-associated companies obtain trade credit insurance issued by A+ rated insurers.  THNCA is nominated as a Loss Payee, meaning that THNCA becomes a beneficiary of proceeds from any claims made.


Credit Committee:

THNCA representation on all Credit Committee meetings at which loan applications proposed by THNCA-associated companies for approval are assessed.

Warranty Report:

THNCA is the monthly recipient of a warranty report by each THNCA-associated company participating as a THNCA borrower.  In addition, progressive reviews are undertaken by THNCA of the lending process between THNCA and its associate companies to confirm the directors and officers are meeting all lending and fiduciary obligations.

Upon Receipt by THNCA

Immediately upon receipt of your executed Business Loan Facility Agreement and Loan amount, THNCA will issue you with an Acknowledgment of Receipt of Funds containing the unique Identification Number for your Loan account. Within seven (7) days of the release of the THNCA Acknowledgment of Receipt of Funds, you will receive a letter direct from the firm of solicitors introducing themselves as the independent collateral agent enlisted with the maintenance of the Register of Lenders, as well as confirmation of your Loan amount and underlying terms and an acknowledgment that your details (consistent with the unique Identifier Number) have been recorded in the

Register of Lenders.

Ongoing  for the term of the Loan

Interest is calculated and paid either monthly, or quarterly, depending on your elected payment method.  For monthly interest, payment occurs between the first and fifth business day following the end of the applicable month.  For quarterly interest, payment occurs quarterly on or before the 15th day of the month following the end of each calendar quarter. A 0.02% p.a. discount on published interest rates applies for monthly interest payment elections. A quarterly interest statement will be available to you in the THNCA website portal.  In addition, you will be notified via email of confirmation of the relevant interest payment/deposit amount.


THNCA will forward to you an annual interest statement setting out the total interest paid to you for the financial year ended.

Nearing Maturity of the Loan

THNCA will issue a written notice to you ninety (90) days prior to the maturity date to inform you of the impending expiration and full repayment of the Loan. The THNCA notice also provides you the facility to elect and extend the term, or to vary down or up the Loan amount (the minimum balance is not to be less than $50,000). You are not required to reply if you seek full repayment at maturity. However, if you elect to vary the Loan you are required to complete the notice and to return it to THNCA at least sixty (60) days prior to the maturity date.




What fees and charges are deducted from the interest earned on the Loan amount?

The interest rates published and paid by THNCA are not subject to any application, administration, handling, management or other fees and charges. The interest earned is based on the agreed-upon annual rate and paid quarterly in arrears on or before the 15th day of the month following the end of the calendar quarter or, if you elect to earn interest payable monthly, on the first working day following the end of the calendar month.


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Please contact us to speak to one of our experienced team members, who will help answer your questions. An obligation free presentation can also be arranged at a convenient time and at your premises.

THN Credit Acceptance Pty Limited

ABN: 87 600 708 727 

An associate member of THN Pty Limited

(ABN: 69 072 235 422; AFSL & Credit Licence No: 256530). 


Level 40, 161 Castlereagh St

Sydney NSW 2000


1800 910 755

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